"The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?" IRS Data Update for 2012

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John Gaver - Author of "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?"
John Gaver
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About John Gaver

John Gaver is Editor & Publisher of the popular webzine, ActionAmerica (http://ActionAmerica.org/), which he describes as an "original intent conservative" publication. He and his articles have been cited in the national media and a number of his articles have been widely distributed in financial and political newsletters. He has been a featured guest on talk radio programs on two continents and has been asked to be the regular tax and economy pundit on the "Red, White & Lori" radio program, airing on Colorado stations, KREL and KRCN, as well as in syndication.

He has owned several businesses, including an import/export business and a copywriting business. Although he effectively retired about 14 years ago, John still finds time to do copywriting work for select clients. Over the years, his business has given him cause to travel widely around the world. In fact, for a time, he lived in London, UK, while still maintaining a residence in the USA.

John has been very active in politics since before he was old enough to vote; at that time, campaigning for Barry Goldwater. In addition to his many stints as a precinct chairman in three Texas counties and serving as a delegate to numerous Texas state GOP Conventions, John was the county chairman for Hank Grover's gubernatorial campaign, in Grover's home county. Today, he considers himself to be a Reagan conservative and a man without a party. He says that it's not that his views have changed, but rather that the GOP has changed.

John's position on conservatism and the TEA Party can best be summed up in this statement that he often uses.

"Don't tell me that conservatives can't win, because if we can't win with conservatives, then we've already lost and I'm not ready to admit defeat."

John is also available for public speaking engagements and broadcast interviews. His presentations have been called "impressive," "persuasive," and "powerful."



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