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John Gaver - Author of "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?"
John Gaver
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John Gaver brings a wealth of tax policy information and presentation skills to media and public appearances.

For media appearances, John’s focus is to stay on the moderator’s pre-defined topic and make the moderator look good, while presenting factual answers to the moderator’s questions.

For speaking engagements, he typically includes a very professional slide show that often inspires audience members to make comments along the lines of, “…the best/most persuasive I’ve ever seen.” However, he knows his subject so well that he can give the same presentation without slides or notes of any kind. He has even filled in without notice, when a scheduled presenter was unable to appear, due to weather. Presentations range from 30 minutes to one hour and if requested, the one hour program can be easily expanded to double that length.

For a time, John was the principal “Tax and Economy” Contributor for the “Red, White & Lori” radio program, on Florida’s WWPR radio (AM1490). John has spoken to a wide variety of political organizations, including Pachyderm Clubs, TEA Party groups, and 9-12 groups. He has been interviewed on numerous radio programs, both in the USA and abroad, including a 30 minute segment on CNBC's “Opening Bell”, with Jim LaCamp and two one-hour segments (about a year apart) on Israel National Radio's "The Tamar Yonah Show" (the number 1 english-language radio program in Israel).

If you wish to have John on your radio, television or Internet broadcast or would like to request him to speak at your event, just click on the "Media Inquiry" button, below and you will be taken to a form where you may request further information. For your privacy, your comments posted on that page will never be visible to anyone but you. Your comment will be recorded by our moderator, forwarded to the appropriate person and you will be contacted. Till the moderator forwards your request, you will see a message stating that you comment is awaiting moderation. As soon as your message has been forwarded, your post will be deleted, never having been visible to anyone but you and the moderator.


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