Emoticon Union Sends Message to Eric Cantor

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In reaction to the stunning defeat of U.S. House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, yesterday, in his GOP Primary bid to win an 8th term representing Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, the American Brotherhood of Emoticons, Smiley-Faces and Dingbats (ABESD) has announced that they feel that an official letter from their union, to Eric Cantor, is in order.

Union President Smiley E. Moticon said in a statement today, that since no congressman of that level has ever lost his seat in a primary election, the union wanted to express to Rep. Cantor, just how they feel about the veteran congressman’s historic loss.

In keeping with the the union’s mandate of brevity, they kept their message short.

The complete letter follows:



Based on the 11% losing margin, it appears that Republicans in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District agree with the union’s sentiments.

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