Forgetting that every nation has enemies is a path to disaster.

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71 years ago today, the United States experienced the disastrous results of a government that had its collective head in the sand. In 2001, we saw those effects again.

Although the current occupant of the White House want us to think that terrorism, inspired by radical Islam, is no longer a problem, the Benghazi terrorist attack is evidence that our enemies are still just as determined as ever to impose their radical superstitions on us or kill those of us who will not submit.

Regardless of whether or not we want to believe it, every nation has enemies. But unfortunately, when our leaders fail to realize this truism, it is NOT those incompetent leaders who pay the price for those mistakes. In 1941, it was the men of the USS Arizona and many other soldiers and civilians. In 2001, it was thousands of innocent civilians in the World Trade Centers. More recently, it was an ambassador and soldiers in Benghazi. Sadly, that ambassador had come to the conclusion that attempting to pacify and deal with dishonorable enemies is a path to certain disaster and had asked for more military support. But that support that was denied them, by an incompetent president and once again, innocent people paid the ultimate price.

Obama would prefer to be off bowing to our avowed enemies and pretending that the Benghazi terrorist attack was just an unplanned uprising. But we know better.

Every day – but this day especially – we must pause and remember what happens when our leaders fail to lead.

December 7, 1941 – “A day that will live in infamy.”

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