SURPRISE! You are now working for the government!

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At 12:00:01 AM on Wednesday, a new tax year began and with that new tax year came another year of tax liabilities for every U.S. taxpayer. So, since the government claims the right to “their share” of your money first, it means that you’ll be working for them for the next approximately 3 and a half months (see the Tax Freedom Clock at the top of the right column). But in actuality, that’s quite a rosy assumption.

You see, since the Democrats, assisted by a handful of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs – primarily the leadership of the GOP) are expected to raise tax rates next year, it’s really a lot more likely that you’ll work well into May, in order to pay your taxes. However, we won’t know what the exact date is till some time in March, after the government releases the new tax data and the Tax Foundation publishes the results of their Tax Freedom Day calculations for the year, based on that government data.

So until that new data is published, we’ll just have to stick with last year’s Tax Freedom Day of April 18.

But however it turns out, what this all boils down to is that, at best, you’ll work well over a quarter of this year (two weeks shy of a third of the year), just to pay your taxes (federal and state). But at the rate the Obama Administration is wasting your tax dollars and raising taxes to pay for its own mistakes, you could very well end up working more than a third of the year to pay your taxes… and that’s before considering the deficit.

When you factor in the deficit, it means that the average U.S. taxpayer will have to work till May 9, to have earned enough to pay both his taxes and his share of the deficit.

Of course, if you’re rich or even upper-middle class, then your personal Tax Freedom Day is probably much later.

If you’re a liberal, it must just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, to know that out of every 8-hour work day, you don’t get paid for well over 2 hours of your work, in order to have your pay for those hours go to politicians who do things with your money, like waste more than $600 million of it on an Obamacare website that doesn’t work, when numerous experts have told us that spending even $10 million on a capable and fully functional site to do what that site was supposed to do, would have been excessive.

We just wanted to lighten the New Year of liberals, who think it’s “patriotic” to pay far more tax than necessary, for government services that for the most part, have little or no value, at all.

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